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A general administrative virtual assistant can perform a wide variety of tasks to support businesses and individuals, including:

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A Sales Virtual Assistant can research and identify potential leads

Email management:

Manage an individual's or business's email inbox, respond to emails, and organize email folders.

A sales virtual assistant can manage appointment scheduling to ensure that sales opportunities are not missed

Calendar management:

Manage an individual's or business's calendar, schedule appointments, and send reminders.

A Virtual Assistant can manage the customer services for you company

Data entry:

Perform data entry tasks, such as entering data into spreadsheets or databases.

Hire a sales virtual assistant to manage the outreach of potencial customers


Conduct research on behalf of an individual or business, such as market research or competitor analysis.

A virtual assistant can manage the sales training of reps to improve their performance and skills

Social media management:

Manage an individual's or business's social media accounts, including creating and scheduling posts, responding to comments, and analyzing engagement metrics.

A virtual assistant can manage the sales prospecting

Customer service:

Provide customer service support, such as answering customer inquiries via email or chat.

A virtual assistant can perform tasks to follow up emails or messages to prospects

Travel arrangements

Make travel arrangements, such as booking flights, hotels, and rental cars.

A virtual assistant can generate sales reporting and track sales performance

File management

Organize and maintain digital and physical files for an individual or business.

A sales virtual assistant can maintain and update customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Event planning:

Assist with planning and organizing events, such as conferences, workshops, or webinars.

A sales VA can enter sales data into databases

Personal errands:

Help an individual with personal errands, such as scheduling appointments, ordering groceries, or making reservations.

Our general administrative virtual assistants

Help you save time, increase efficiency, and focus on what matters most in your business.

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Start Leveraging the Power of a Virtual Assistant

Give your business a boost with any of our growth plans available

Plan Entry: Proficient Virtual Assistant Pricing


$8-10 / Per hour

Proficient Virtual Assistants

Can handle a variety of tasks and responsibilities with some basic training.


Plan Mid: Seasoned Virtual Assistant Pricing


$11-15 / Per hour

Seasoned Virtual Assistants

VAs with a strong background in the field, able to handle tasks and challenges with ease.


Plan Pro: Master Virtual Assistant Pricing


$16-25 / Per hour

Master Virtual Assistants

VAs with the highest level of expertise in their field. Able to work independently and contribute significantly to the success of the business.


Some skills all our Sales VA have

All our Vas are carefully picked by a thorough screeening and vetting process, and we make sure they have the skills necessary to perform (... needs more)

A ProtopVA sales virtual assistant has customer service skills

Emotional intelligence

Our VAs are able to understand and empathize with clients' needs and concerns and respond appropriately.

A ProtopVA sales virtual assistant has technology skills


They take initiative and be proactive in identifying opportunities for improvement and suggesting solutions.

A ProtopVA sales virtual assistant is able to adapt to changing circumstances and customer needs


They are ble to adapt to changing circumstances, handle multiple tasks at once, and work in a fast-paced environment.

A ProtopVA sales virtual assistant has excellent communication skills

Excellent Communication Skills

Our administrative virtual assistants needs to have excellent communication skills to effectively communicate with clients and team members and to be able to clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas.

A ProtopVA sales virtual assistant has sales skills

Attention to Detail

Our administrative virtual assistants have strong attention to detail to ensure that work is completed accurately and with precision.

A ProtopVA sales virtual assistant has organization skills

Organization Skills

They are highly organized to manage tasks, schedules, and deadlines efficiently.

A ProtopVA sales virtual assistant has problem-solving skills

Problem-solving Skills

Able to identify and resolve issues, both with customers and internal team members, in a timely and effective manner.

ProtopVA VA’s are more than qualified to boost your business

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Why your business needs a ProtopVA General Administrative VA

Hiring a virtual sales assistant increases effectiveness

Time management

An administrative virtual assistant can help manage your schedule and calendar, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Hiring a virtual sales assistant helps to save costs


They can help streamline administrative tasks such as email management, data entry, and record keeping, freeing up time for more important tasks.

A ProtopVA Sales virtual assistants can scale up or down quickly based on the company's needs

Cost savings

Hiring an administrative virtual assistant can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee, as you only pay for the hours worked.

Our ProtopVA Sales virtual assistants work around the clock


An administrative virtual assistant can help support your business as it grows, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks.

Our Sales virtual assistants analyze sales data and provide insights and recommendations to sales reps


They can work on an as-needed basis, providing support when you need it most.

Our Sales virtual assistants provide personalized support to customers


Administrative virtual assistants often have specialized skills in areas such as project management, social media management, and customer service.

Sales virtual assistants help drive revenue growth by identifying new leads


By delegating administrative tasks to a virtual assistant, you can focus on the core areas of your business, such as sales and customer service.

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